Breathe SA

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Ubuntu Trust NPO presents South Africa’s first all round Immune Support homeopathic product for respiratory diseases.


Breathe is a unique homeopathic complex to assist Immune Boosting protection against prevalent respiratory viruses
the following formula is based on many months of research into medical data about the pathologic effects of recent virus infections, collaborating with homeopaths worldwide, the breathe formula was constructed and has emerged as a highly effective groundbreaking product which may be useful for some years going forward.

"In October 2019, I came down with a very serious bout of bronchitis. This is especially dangerous for me as I was diagnosed with emphysema 8 years ago. Within 10 days of treatment I recovered and was in a better condition than I was before I started taking the Breathe treatment."
-Crosby M. Garden Route

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Below are a sample of links to research papers that the BREATHE product is inspired by and a Tips for Viral Free living and Breathe Product Sheet .pdfs for download .